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against fake products

I am manufacturer or authorized distributor

Register now, use Confirme system and protect your products against gray market and fakes.

World of Confirme

Simple and quickly identify
non - genuine and fake products!

Confirme App is for free and compatibile with all types of smartphones



You need just mobile data network or WI – FI connection for your product verification.


Scan of the code and access to the product database takes only a few seconds


Application is well - arranged and user friendly


The information about manufacturer and authorized distributor are always available to you

Certainty of the product authenticity

You always know what you are buying, in your country and abroad too

The comprehensive information about authorized distributor

You will know about your product everything, from the manufacturer to the distribution channel

Status of informed user

You will never be catch short by fake work off off as original

Elimination of the trouble after purchase

You will avoid the problems associated with claim of the product and its quality

Confirme APP

You can download Confirme App on:



With Confirme you know what you are buying!

With Confirme App you are assured of the authenticity of any product, anywhere in the world

In the Confirme database you will find products of the following brands:

By purchasing products from authorized dealers you avoid the troubles connected
with after - sale service of the products. Use Confirme App and be sure that you have paid for genuine and quality product.

Protect your products with  Confirme

As well as Confirme protect users, the app also protect manufacturers and authorized distributors, who in practice face the gray market products or poor copies of their goods.

Thanks to supporting your products with Confirme are your clients simply able to avoid false and non - authorized products just by scanning EAN code and serial number. By providing Confirme services to your clients, are timely identified threats in the form of later problems connected with complaint or service support. With Confirme is also enhanced customer allegiance to the brand.


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