What is gray market?


The term gray market means the law legal sales of products sold outside official channels of distribution, that don’t have  closed any business relationship with the original manufacturer. This sale occurs most often in situations, when the price of the same goods in one country is higher than price in another. Grey market dealers cheaply acquire goods, which they sell in another country below cost, but still in the profitable price for them.

The problem of the grey economy

Protect your consumer rights, buy goods only from authorized dealers!

The role of the authorized dealer to is to ensure the adaptation of the original product on safety certification and the conditions of the country, in which the product is sold. The basic security includes special and customized packaging, presentation of products under the laws of the country or guides and manuals in the appropriate language. Authorized dealer to its clients is also obliged to provide complete service and support for the product during the warranty period under the contract.


How to avoid the products from the gray market?