Protect your consumer rights, buy goods only from authorized dealers!

The role of the authorized dealer to is to ensure the adaptation of the original product on safety certification and the conditions of the country, in which the product is sold. The basic security includes special and customized packaging, presentation of products under the laws of the country or guides and manuals in the appropriate language. Authorized dealer to its clients is also obliged to provide complete service and support for the product during the warranty period under the contract.


How to avoid the products from the gray market?

1. Check the product packaging

The product you have purchased from an authorized dealer should include information, guides and manuals in your language. When you install software or electronics is also possible that the menu is missing the language of your country. The official seller is also required to provide a clear description of the goods indication of the manufacturer, importer or supplier, while not removing or overlap the information on the product.

2. Don’t underestimate the quality

Gray market products, especially products coming from third countries, may pose a significant risk in terms of quality. Reduced product quality, users encounter mainly due to different legislative requirements for the materials, manufacturing processes or lower criteria for minimum quality of goods and services.

2. Use Confirme App

Many times we don’t have enough time to give an attention to the product in time of purchase. However, if the company uses Confirme, you can simply verify the authenticity of the product by scanning EAN code or serial number, which will take just a few seconds. Databases, in which the system search for your product, are built up directly by manufacturers or exclusive distributors, therefore all products originating from the official sales channel should be found via Confirme App.


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In this section you can find the most important information about consumer protection from buying low-quality and non-genuine products, as well as products that originate out of the official distribution channels and gray market products. Through regularly updated posts we will also provide information about companies whose products could be found in the Confirme system.